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Why Linux rather than Windows?

Thisara Pramuditha
November 24th, 2018 · 2 min read

My friends always asking why you are using Ubuntu rather than using Windows? So, I thought of write a post regarding why I’m using Linux based operating system.

Free and open source

When using Windows we need proprietary software and to be honest if there are no crack versions we have to spent lot of money to buy software and Windows operating system. Even most of the people use windows through cracked versions available out there on the Internet.

Invulnerability to viruses

Windows must need separate anti-virus software to keep the device secure from the attacks that could be happened through viruses and even it has to be bought. Freely available anti-viruses secure your device to a certain level and because of that, you have to buy the product to make it more secure. Even we have to be more careful in the use of portable USB devices in Windows.

Although Linux is not fully invulnerable but compared to Windows it’s more secure.


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In my point of view, the Linux terminal is more feature-full compared to the windows command line or the power shell. For example, terminal applications in Linux can have multiple tabs in one window and you can even split the window of a terminal horizontally or vertically. These may helpful when working in multiple locations, multiple software or working with multiple servers for configuration.

Also we can easily access cloud servers or other computers connected through a network using Linux command line very easily without having to use third party software like ‘putty’. (use of ssh)

The terminal gives us the power to

  • Customization
  • Reliability
  • Resource utilization


There are lots of Linux versions out there in the world and if you don’t like one version you can try another one. Or else you can build your own version of Linux and use. Also there are different desktop versions out there for your preference.

Software installation →then restart

In Windows most of the time you have to restart the computer after installing some software in the machine. And also sometimes Windows will get slower in working therefore we need to restart the machine. But in Linux operating system you don’t need to restart the computer after installation of software. And also there are package managers where users can easily install software.

Also Windows updating in boot is a headache in some circumstances where you need a quick start of your computer.

Rich Community Support

There is a huge community organized around Linux and you can solve your problems by accessing forums of each Linux distribution. For an exampleask Ubuntulike forum is very much helpful in solving issues and get help related to Ubuntu operating system.

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Light Weight

One other thing that I would like to highlight in this post is that the Linux operating systems are more light weight compared to the Windows operating systems. You can run Linux OS with minimum Hardware requirements compared to the Windows. And there are light weight Linux distributions available for the IOT devices like Raspberry Pi.


This is also a main advantage in the use of Linux OS. For an example it takes more time to launch a software like “android studio” in Windows. But in Linux (I use Ubuntu) it is more faster compared to Windows. Linux takes minimum amount of RAM for the use of operating system and saves more capacity of memory for the use of other software.

Is Windows bad?

The purpose of this post is to clarify why I’m using Linux but not to say that Windows is a bad choice.When it comes to like graphic designing, documentation like situations Linux is pretty much hard to use(Adobe Software) and to be honest I use Microsoft Word for compilation of formal documents(Sometimes Google Docs).

In contrast I really like to work in Linux based environment and no hard feeling with Windows 😉😃😃…

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